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Development of video games with NFT mechanics available to all GameDevs. A new era of video games is being forged… That’s why NICE1 proposes to give back the power to the main players of the video game industry.Gamers, indie developers and small studios have been overshadowed for years by the methodologies and business models imposed by the big companies in the industry. This must return to its origins. The goal is clear: FAVOR PLAYERS AND DEVELOPERS. NICE 1 has developed a plugin for UNITY Engine that will allow game developers to integrate the use of NFT’S in their projects even without having knowledge of Blockchain. This Plugin will be released for free for everyone during Q4 2021. Do gamers own their games? We all know the answer: NO. Among the integrations available in this initial version is the possibility to represent the game license in a NFT, which will allow…

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