Presenting Nice1 community members: Elena Blanes

Dear community, today we start with a series of presenting Nice1 community members.
With this series, we aim to present partners, advisors and most relevant characters that have joined Nice1 blockchain.

Today it is time to present you Elena Blanes.

Elena, who got qualified as Industrial Technician Engeneer, is a video game passionate woman since she received a Sega Megadrive as present at the age of 9.

Years ago, Elena choose to transform her passion in her job and, thanks to it, she has become a remarkable video game developer. Amount all her achievements it can be highlighted that Elena is a Unity certified developer, as well as co-founder of MálagaJam, a videogame developer association, and XR Academy, where she teach about virtual reality development.


Participants MalagaJam 2018

Participants MalagaJam 2018


Elena is also the founder of Stega, a study where she works at developing virtual reality and augmented reality projects. Currently, Elena is developing a Leonardo DaVinci experiencie in virtual reality at the same time she leads videogame area of CODE SPACE, a reputated developer school in Málaga (Spain).

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